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  • 葛雷夫的設計者是 FeralPony.
  • 每當論壇上有人問到「有什麼Carry是很man的」, 答案都會是葛雷夫
  • 葛雷夫的靈感很多也是由 American Wild West and the Western 所啟發的
  • Graves was mentioned in the Journal of Justice: Issue 29, where he reportedly escaped from a secret prison owned by CEO Dr. Priggs, who is later seen held at gunpoint in Graves' teaser.
    • Graves' ex-partner, TwistedFateSquare.png Twisted Fate, sold Graves out to Dr. Priggs in exchange for entry into the experiment that gave Twisted Fate the ability to use magic.
    • 葛雷夫為他的槍改名為 "命運", 此同時是逆命的大技, 命運.jpg 命運.
  • Graves jokes are related to gallows humor, or humor that involve being funny in the face of, and in response to, a perfectly hopeless situation.
  • Graves, 20px Renekton, and 20px Volibear are the only champions to mention another champion in their in-game dialogue.
  • 葛雷夫的舞蹈是參考西部牛仔的, 直接的比較可以前往 here 觀看.
  • Graves shows a quite resemblance to Dominic Santiago from Gears of War 3.


  • 夜曲Square.png 夜曲 被葛雷夫的 隻手遮天.jpg 隻手遮天 打中,葛雷夫會說 "I've got your darkness."(我奪去了你的黑暗) 或 "Who's in the dark now?"(現在是誰在黑暗當中?)
  • Graves' quote "I ain't got time to bleed." is a direct reference to the movie Predator .
  • Graves' quote "Dead man walkin." is a reference to the prison slang used for a prisoner's last walk to the execution chamber.


  • The playing cards in Graves' classic splash art have TwistedFateSquare.png Twisted Fate's face on them.
  • In Jailbreak skin his Weapon and suit are similar to John Raimis' from Geist Game.
  • Graves' Hired Gun skin has a bear paw on his back, which can be a possible reference to Blackwater, a private company contracted through the military.

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英雄資訊 英雄背景 遊玩策略 造型及其他